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It’s Time for Buckets and Brews at Tailgate Social

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Football season is officially over, which means it’s almost time for March Madness to begin! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is so popular that even those who are not avid sports fans love to participate. Around 36.5 million U.S. adults filled out brackets in 2022 to try and guess the winner of the tournament. It’s also estimated that March Madness costs businesses $13.8 billion a year due to distracted workers. So that means, in the words of Dick Vitale, “It’s going to be awesome, baby!” If you want to watch the greatest tournament in sports at the best sports bar in Las Vegas, then make sure you reserve your seat for Buckets and Brews at Tailgate Social. But you’re going to have to shoot your shot way before the buzzer because seats are selling out fast!


March Madness starts out with 68 teams throughout the NCAA for the first round, and Selection Sunday is on March 12th. The First Four will debut on March 14th-15th, with the games all being played in Dayton, Ohio (which is on the opposite side of the state from East Palatine, by the way). For Tailgate, the First Four will be normal game protocol and reservations. The Buckets and Brews at Tailgate Social begin on Thursday, March 16th, and continues for the six major rounds:

Round 1
Only 8
March 16-17
March 25-26
$95 F&B Min Per Person Per Session
$50 F&B Min Per Person Per Game
Round 2
The Last 4
March 18-19
April 01
$75 F&B Min Per Person Per Session
$50 F&B Min Per Person Per Game
Super 16
March 23-24
April 3
$50 F&B Min Per Person Per Game
$75 F&B Min Per Person

When Selection Sunday is finished, you can click here for a printable bracket of the tourney. You can also fill it out now to see if your ESP is good enough for ESPN. If you want to pump yourself up for the fun, check out Tailgate Social on Instagram!