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Save Your Seat for The Super Bowl at Tailgate Social

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They say that a lot of young women start planning their weddings to their future partner by the second or third date and that a lot of men start planning their Super Bowl party by the second or third game of the season. If you’re one of those lucky lads who are glad to take on arranging where to watch the biggest game of the season, then be the best of bros and have your Super Bowl at Tailgate Social! It has everything you need and more for you to enjoy every point, score, and commercial so much so that you’ll think that Super Bowl LVII is when you finally died and went to heaven.


One of the key aspects of having a successful Super Bowl is getting a good seat. When you’re crowded around one or two screens at someone’s house, there’s bound to be someone left out of the optimal view. If you come to watch the Super Bowl at Tailgate Social, there is a zero percent chance of that happening. With 30 high-definition TVs, every seat is literally the best in the house. The only way that you’re going to miss a play is if you get lost going to the bathroom, so use the buddy system. Rule Number 76. No excuses. Play like a champion.


Super Bowl Sunday is the second largest “food holiday” in the United States after Thanksgiving. Sports fans and foodies alike join forces to make this a culinary event and an excuse to eat like nobody’s watching. If you’re smart enough to celebrate the Super Bowl at Tailgate Social, you’ll have the privilege of experiencing the Big Game Platter. As the name suggests, the hulking helping has 2 pounds of wings, one pound of fries, (guest’s choice of either sweet potato, truffles, or house fries), eight beef or pulled pork sliders, and 2 chicken quesadillas. Tailgate’s regular menu is still available during the game as well for those of you who would be contenders for the O line and see the Big Game Platter as a warm-up rather than the main event.


Another fun fact is that 325.5 gallons of beer are consumed on average during the Super Bowl, just slightly less than a communication major consumes throughout college. Tailgate Social is a great place to go if you believe this great big sphere we’re on is made better with beer. They have dozens of great beer selections as well as their infamous Tipsy Towers which are a perfect Super Bowl celebratory pick. There’s also a robust selection of wines and fun cocktails so that everyone is able to find the perfect drink for the best game of the year.

Don’t be late, save the date: reserve your seat for Super Bowl LVII at Tailgate Social here!