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Watching Sports at Tailgate Social Is a Healthy Choice

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Have you made a resolution to be healthier in the New Year? Good news: watching sports is actually great for your mental, physical, and emotional health! Whether you are interested in a particular sport or align yourself with a specific team, you’ll experience many benefits from both, so you may already be well on your way with healthy habits. This New Year, keep up the good work you’re already doing and/or develop more healthy habits by watching sports at Tailgate Social!


It may seem counterintuitive that sitting and watching sports is actually good for your physical health. However, a study in the UK found that watching sports is actually motivating and leads to people wanting to get up and be active themselves. There are also small additions you can make to your sports viewing routine for added physical benefits, like trying to stand half of the time or incorporating a stretch each commercial break. Tailgate Social also has some healthy food and drink options like their Pan Roasted Salmon Brown Rice Bowl or June Shine seltzers if you’re looking to figuratively go that extra fitness mile.


Did you know that there’s actually a healthy type of stress? It’s called eustress and it is a pleasurable feeling that comes from adrenaline and dopamine being released into the body. WebMD affirms that watching sports or your favorite team compete can make you feel eustress and other positive emotions. Another mental benefit is escapism, which basically means finding a way to ditch the stress and toil of daily life. Watching sports is also a mental motivation as well as physical because it can serve as a reward for those who have been working hard and need a break. WebMD also states that “(s)ome research proposes that the further the sports event location is from your home, the higher the chance of escapism.” Another great reason to head down to Tailgate Social for the game!


Being a sports fan means essentially means that you have an emotional connection to a sport or a particular team. It actually shows great character traits like loyalty and commitment. The same previously-mentioned study from the UK says that 50% of people reported that watching sports helps them connect with family and friends. Around 35% said that it helped them feel as if they are a part of a community–there’s a reason why Cheers was and still is such a relevant TV show. Tailgate Social definitely creates that inclusive and fun atmosphere, which is why it’s one of the best places to watch sports in Las Vegas. So if you’re looking to improve your emotional well-being, come down to Tailgate Social where they may not know your name the first time, but they’ll definitely learn it!


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