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Wing Wednesday at Tailgate Social Starts February 15th

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There’s a saying that if you can’t stand the heat, then get out of the kitchen. Well, at Tailgate Social, they believe that if you can’t stand the heat, chug a beer and try, try again. Keep that in mind–the beer part at least–for the Wings of Fire challenge during Wing Wednesday at Tailgate Social when it starts this February 15th. This hot contest and delicious special will run throughout February, so start those Scoville set reps ASAP!


In typical Tailgate Social fashion, they’ve come up with a special that truly is extraordinary. Starting February 15th, you can have $29 all-you-can-eat crispy chicken wings. You even get your choice of sauce from the following: Signature Buffalo, Classic BBQ, Spicy Korean, Lemon Pepper, or Jamaican Jerk. That’s not all–this special comes with all-you-can-drink domestic draft beer! So you can have either Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, or Budweiser to wash down as many wings as you want–or you can handle, there is a difference–all night long. Talk about keeping it hot, Tailgate Social!


If you are continually saying that you can master the Hot Ones wing challenge but aren’t quite celebrity enough (yet) to make the show, then you’re in luck. On Wing Wednesday at Tailgate Social, you can shoot your shot at the Wings of Fire Challenge! It’s open to anyone with $20 and who’s crazy enough to try it. Contenders will have 8 minutes to get through 8 wings that have over 1,200,00 Scoville Units. For reference, a jalapeño pepper has a Scoville unit count of 2,500, so if you’re cool with the sensation equal to 480 jalepeño peppers in your mouth at once, then the Wings of Fire Challenge should be a breeze! Winners will get their wings for free as well as receive a commemorative t-shirt, a shout-out on Tailgate Social’s social media, and eternal glory on their website.


If you’re wondering why someone would submit themselves to essentially setting their mouth on fire, it’s because of science, baby. Spice is a sensation created from a compound called capsaicin, which literally causes your body physical pain and makes it think that you are in actual danger. So when something spicy s consumed, your body will release both endorphins and adrenaline in response to try and “save” you, which will make you feel both happy and excited. Thus, hot and spicy food is fun and thrilling and sometimes fulfilling for those adrenaline junkies in our lives, and probably why John Cougar Mellencamp wrote the song “Hurt So Good.”

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